Spanky’s Journey

Spanky - blind dogSpanky is a four month old Cocker Spaniel born in December of 2017. On March 8th before I got him, he has an ocular trauma injury that the breeder did not see happen but heard the pup yelping. Upon inspection the eye was bulging out.

A trip to the vet where it was put back in place and surgery scheduled for removal the following week. At that visit the eye looked so much better they did not operate. I had already gotten a cocker from this lady and she reached out to me to see if I would want this special needs puppy. I did. So on March 15th we brought this spunky pup home.

On April 3rd we took him to the Opthomology Specialist at Iowa State University Vet Med Hospital. He was diagnosed as completely blind in his eye and showed signs of shrinking of his eyeball. He also had some ulceration on the eye. After a thorough exam we were released to continue his journey with our regular vet. No reason to remove his eye yet and you would never know he is in any way hindered by the loss of his eyesight.

My daughter has a dog who lost his sight in both eyes due to glaucoma. I’m happy for finding this site. I’m sure I’ll find lots of useful

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