Precious is still precious with 1 less eye.

PreciousMy 11 year old basset hound Precious had what I thought was conjunctivitis. By time I saw vet the sight was already gone in right eye due to fast-onset inherited glaucoma. The other eye is still OK.

We tried to reduce the pressure using one of the sometimes-effective treatments plus drops. Success was short-lived & I knew from the eye size, cloudiness, & high pressure the specialist vet would recommend having it removed … as I had read up on the options googling the subject on the Internet.

PreciousHe did surgery week ago. It’s worse for dog owners than the patient anaesthetised & sent home on pain medicine & antibiotic. No one wants their beloved pet to suffer & her comfort was always the priority.

Dogs are not as cosmetically-conscious as people & I felt it better/healthier to avoid any prosthesis. She was bit groggy at first & had more trouble with the lamp-shade like device to protect the wound. It was big & with her short legs she kept getting stopped trying to walk. Because she’s past puppy stage & a calm breed, I first tried to trim it & finally gave up & removed it…which proved best.

PreciousI kept constant watch over her with lots of snuggles & support which she has earned many times over. She didn’t need to continue pain meds & I got antibiotics in her by crushing tablet in enough melted cheese that she ate it willingly.

Each day she’s more back to her lovely self now doing ALL her usual routines & behaviors, including eating well. We will see vet later today for follow up, & I feel Precious is STILL our precious companion just minus her painful eye. We owe it to them to care for them as they get older & sometimes ill along with us…my bassets have all brought us pleasure over many years. I’m obsessed with the breed & they are vulnerable to glaucoma.


3 thoughts on “Precious is still precious with 1 less eye.

  1. Beautiful post Ginnie.

    A lot of people have trouble with the cone, and do end up removing them. My dog never had one to begin with and did okay, but then every dog is different and some will paw and scratch at the eye.

    Precious looks like she is doing great!

    1. Thanks both for this helpful website & posting her story. It’s comforting to share with others both before & after surgery. I posted additional photos. The one photo is when she dressed as ‘lolliepop lady/school crossing guard’ for a
      Basset Fun Day by Basset Club of Scotland attended by about 20 basset hounds!

  2. Glad Precious is doing well and back to her lovely self. It’s difficult to see any living creature suffer. Precious has good ‘parents’ who love her very much. I remember the day you brought her into your life…haha, and Geo’s reaction. Now you can’t separate him from her. Nice website, post and pictures. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Love you, Sandy G, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

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