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BuddyHello everyone, My dogs name is Buddy he is a rescue, we got Buddy when he was 8 weeks old, and he is now 8 years old.

I noticed in January that he was drinking lots of water and had a accident in his cage (both of our furry children sleep in cages next to our bed) which he never does. I took him to the vet and he was diagnosed as diabetic. He is very healthy and thin, and only 26 lbs. She was so surprised but it is what it is. So we started on insulin.

I was very scared of giving the shots but now both of us are pro’s at it. Buddy sits in my lap with his head on my leg and I do the deed! then he get vegetables!. But two days ago he walked into a pole outside and I thought that was strange. So I watched him and when I fed him by hand he couldn’t see my hand. So back to the vet and in one day he could see and the next not! Cataracts! I’m very sad at the thought he can’t run and play in the yard with Trudy T and he is scared as he just stands.

So lots of questions what do I do first? Let him find his way around the house (he has found the water dish and food) but he keeps walking into things and then just stops so I know he just can’t figure it out. So glad I found this site. My husband and I have a appointment next week about new lens for him. any thoughts on that as well?

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  1. Welcome Maggie Isabella and Buddy! Sorry to hear about the health problems for your little guy. They are resilient though. Its scary for them and us at first for sure, but they become accustomed quickly. Although my dog has only lost one eye, she still gets disoriented and scared sometimes cause she cant see to one side. Make sure that you have nothing pointy or angular (at his eye height) for him to hit his eyes on cause he doesn’t know where he’s heading and its always head first for dogs. you can help him by teaching him words such as “up” and “down” and “stop” so that he learns what each means as you guys go. He will catch on to that quick. Even as pre training for our dog who will eventually be blind I tell her up and down and stop and she’s got them down pat now so that when she does lose her other eye she won’t have any problems learning new words. Its saved her from running into the coffee table and couches a time or two if she’s busy playing with her ball or her brother and not paying attention.
    You definitely should let him walk around to sort himself out, but practice the words with him so he learns. If you pick him up he will become disoriented and not know where he is. If you need to pick him up, then put him back in a place where he is comfortable and be consistent with that, his bed or his food, wherever he spends lots of time, so he has a starting point. He will map out your house. It may take awhile, but it sounds like he’s been blind for 2 days, so the fact that he knows where his food is already is a good sign! He will surprise you and figure it out quickly.

  2. Sorry, I was reading the tag above the comment section and not your name and I incorrectly called you Maggie Isabella! Sorry about that.

  3. Buddy will get better and better each day. It took about two weeks before my Lucy stopped running into things every time she moved. They will always run into things but you will notice that it will become less and less as time goes on.

    Basically what Deena has said is spot on. Try not to pick Buddy up to help him get to where you think he wants to go. Just let him find his own way and he will be fine.

    You might want to take a look at this:

    I only just found it and haven’t done any research on it, so please do your own research first. It looks like a natural alternative and may be worth a try.

  4. This is a great place for ideas and info. We all understand. Read Sweet Tina’s Tale from November. She has trauma cataracts. She was like a bouncing pinball when she went totally blind but I learned quickly that letting her “find her way” with safety assured, she actually seemed “proud” of herself- a complete reverse of the timid and abused girl when she could see the world. Word commands- “step up/down, wait, up, down etc”. Your baby will amaze you- Buddy will become a dog again, with heightened senses of smell and hearing. But you will find out that his soul will shine again, Promise!

  5. I read that scent marking problem area’s such as top of stairs, tables chairs ect can be very helpful for blind dogs in navigating the house, I know that there are special scents you can use especially for this purpose…I will find out the name of the product and send you a link. xx

  6. I tried those Tracerz with Lucy. I’m not sure they worked for her. It was difficult to tell but I sense that she had problems with her sense of smell as well since she had a nasal tumor at the time.

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