Moosy Moo has Glaucoma

Hi, my name is Pink. I have two Great Danes, PD and Moose aka Moosy Moo aka Moo aka Moo Moo aka Sweet Moo Boy.

My husband and I adopted Moosy Moo in October of 2016. He had traveled from Louisiana via different rescues all the way to the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, in Virginia. He was timid, shaky, malnourished, had terrible, terrible skin problems, a yeast infection in both of his ears and nails so long that his toes were bent sideways.

Moo and PD got along wonderfully at first meet. They are now close brothers and love each other very much. I noticed when Moo arrived that his right eye looked like it was blue in some areas. I had his eye checked when we had him neutered and the vet said all was well. A week ago, last Friday night,

Moose got his pinky toe on his left paw stuck in the top of a chain link fence. We went to the vet on Monday to have it checked because he was licking it often and it had began an angry red and the hair was falling out around his nail. While we were there I had his right eye checked again and the vet told us that his lens was not in place and that he had glaucoma. She gave him Cosopt and a NeoPolyDex ointment twice a day.

We went to an eye specialist on Thursday and she said that his lens had moved to the back, which was better than to the front, but that eventually he would have to have his eye removed; she gave him Latanoprost drops 2.5 ml drops, every 12 hours on the dot, to try and keep the lens from moving to the front, along with the Cosopt twice a day, and the ointment once a day. We were to go back in 2 weeks to have a test done to see if his good eye is going to be susceptible to getting glaucoma too. He had the Latanoprost twice. Once the first evening and once yesterday morning.

I had to go into town yesterday morning and when I got home Moo and PD met me at the door as usual, except Moo was crying and he has been laying around ever since I got home and crying. My heart is breaking for my sweet Moo Boy and the pain he is enduring. I can’t stand to see him in pain because of the drops he is prescribed, when he has to have his eye removed anyway, so I called the specialist to ask what she thought about going ahead and having his eye removed and she agreed. She said how she knew that he was in pain when she saw Moo, and she said to bring him back 6 months after he has healed to have the other eye tested. I’m so sad for my Moo being in such pain… Soon he will be well, happy and back to normal!! Prayers for sure and steady hands for Moo’s vet and minimal pain for sweet Moosy Moo!

I’m thankful for this place. Thank you for creating it. I’m so sorry about your Lucy girl. She looks like she was so, so sweet…


3 thoughts on “Moosy Moo has Glaucoma

  1. I know how painful it is to see our fur babies in pain. I have a 10 year old yellow lab, that developed diabetes, and a couple of months later, developed double cataracts…then double glaucoma. We managed the glaucoma with spendy drops (3 types at $75 per week). We ended up doing a double enucleation. It’s been almost a year since his surgery, and he’s doing great. Although, completely blind, he is very happy. He still plays fetch, loves his walks and rides in the truck, and seems to “look” at us when he smells our food. Hang in there… it will be ok.
    Hugs ?☺

  2. I know exactly how you feel. My little 4 year old girl Shenzi was also diagnosed with glaucoma and lens luxation in January. Her first eye was removed about 1 month later. Second eye was removed 3 weeks later after drops were unsuccesful. It’s been about 3 weeks now and she has adapted better than I could have ever hoped for. It’s defenitely harder on us than on them… Good luck and remember it will be ok.

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