Maltese with SARDS

BusterBuster is a 5 1/2 year old Maltese and was just diagnosed with SARDS on October 9, 2019. He began gaining weight about 3 months ago and stopped playing with toys and slowed down on our 3-4 miles jog twice a week. I didn’t think much about it at that time.

I really got concerned when he started bumping into things 2 weeks ago and didn’t want to go on our weekly run anymore. I took him to emergency vet where he failed an obstacle course. They referred us to an optimologist the next day. There he was diagnosed with SARDS. I am having him tested for cushings disease tomorrow just to rule that awful disease out.

Since I know he cannot see we are adjusting quite well. I have been taking him to the same park we used to run in and we get farther each time. He has started to perk up again wanting to play with his toys more and getting excited about things he used to get excited about. He is so resilient and I love him even more with each day that goes by.

I made an ankle bracelet with bells and our names on it so he will know where I am at all times. I took it hard at first but now we both are adjusting really well…better than I ever thought!!!

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