Horror before Halloween

blind dog, dog attackI won’t go into a lot of detail, except to say that my little pug mix, Stella, was attacked by another dog and lost both of her eyes. She is only 2-1/2 years old.

I am devastated. She is still on meds and sort of loopy, so I don’t know quite how this will play out. I cry a lot, keep her close, and blame myself. I have ordered 2 books to read, and am joining this website for support and help.

blind dog, dog attack

2 thoughts on “Horror before Halloween

  1. The poor little thing. She looks so precious.

    In terms of the blindness, she will be okay. Blind dogs are amazing to watch. I really hope you can keep us updated on how she goes.

  2. I just saw your post on Stella. I am so sorry for Stella loss of her eyes. I am sure it is very traumatic for you too. My dog went blind suddenly from glaucoma and it has been a real adjustment. Very true what Paula said. It is amazing how they adjust to being blind. Talk to her just like normal. She will find her way because she will trust you. When we go for walks, you wouldn’t know my Callie is blind. I have a great harness like the one Paula recommends and it works great. The hardest thing to get use to is them bumping into things. Callie still does but at least she does it a little softer now. Just give her lots of encouragement and she will be fine. As everyone says, it’s harder on us but don’t blame yourself. She will pickup on your sadness. I found that out so I try to always be upbeat.

    Best of luck with your sweet little girl.


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