Furry Family Member in Pain

NoelA few months ago during the winter, my dog Noel had a red eye. We thought that she maybe got some salt in her eye from the months of snow we had in New York.

We brought her to the vet and he put her on some drops and didn’t seem too concerned about it. It wasn’t getting better, kept bringing her back, after about 2 months he finally suggested a specialist. Last week we brought her to the specialist and he said she had Glacouma pretty bad, the eye was completely blind and now needs to be removed. We all feel so terrible about this. She is 13 1/2 years old. The doctor couldn’t believe she was so old because of her spunky personality.

We are going to get the the prosthetic eye and hopefully this will relieve some pressure.

NoelI see a lot of the people who posted didn’t opt for the prosthetic, has anyone out there experienced this? how does it take with the dog? can it pop out!? (YIKES!)

Also, how much pain will the dog in, do they give them pain killers? will they be crying and whimpering? My heart is breaking for my BFF. Just want her to be pain free!

NoelNoel - glaucoma - blind dogHELP!

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  1. I’m so sorry this has happened to Noel; I haven’t had any experience with a prosthetic eye as I opted not to do that when my dog lost first one eye and then the other. I hope Noel’s on pain meds and that you have the surgery scheduled soon. You’ll be surprised how quickly he bounces back. Ask your vet if he plans to remove the eye as outpatient surgery or not. It’s preferable that the vet keep the dog at least overnight and even better for two nights, because intravenous pain medication is more effective than oral medications. Many vets do not really prescribe to control pain well, so you need to be assertive about this on Noel’s behalf. Noel’s been in pain for months now and you don’t want anything to make it worse. If your vet won’t do the surgery as inpatient, consider asking him for a referral to a vet who will. Good luck to you and Noel.

    1. My dog lost his eye when he was 1. He is now 8 and lives a completely normal life. I would not opt for the prosthetic eye. There are many complecations. I ended up having to sew his eye closed. The whole process before having his eye closed was horrible. He was so uncomfortable. He cried for 2 days straight. The remaining part of his eye actually ruptured the second day. Once his eye was permanently closed, he was back to normal. He never had any issues after that. I brought him home after both surgeries. Like I mentioned previously he was in a lot of pain before the eye was permanently closed, but after he showed no signs of pain at all. Since he was still a puppy it was kind of hard to control his energy. He was jumping all over us and the furniture. The pain meds were the same after each procedure and they were oral meds. Sorry to hear about your pup. Hope this helps

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