Blind dog Coco

cocoHi I would love to join yr page I’m coco and I’m 6 years old. My mum bought me from gumtree off a lil girl who didn’t tell her I was blind in one eye due to not getting taken to the vet to get help.

After my mum took me home I was very happy and nervous at same time as I wasn’t treated well with my last mummy and had to learn everything again.

A fortnight after my mummy had me we went out for our walk and some playtime and a lady’s dog went for me and bit me in my good eye and I was blinded and m seconds my mummy was heartbroken . I went to the vet and my Mummy had to make the awful decision to remove that eye as there was no way I would see again from it and I was in a lot of pain too.

After my op I had to learn to map out my house and surroundings and my mummy had to learn me words to keep me safe and away from any danger.

I’m now 6 yer old and still have a fab mummy and great life the only thing I don’t like is lots of noise especially bonfire night which is a horrible time for me and my mummy as she bought me everything to try and help me not to b scared but nothing helped. I am a happy lil pooch and love life and love mummy cuddles too.

Please can me and my mummy come and learn from my other doggy friends and they’re mummy’s and maybe one day they will be able to give me and mummy some tips on how to help me on bonfire night. Thanks look forward to reading all my doggy friends stories and how they and they’re mummy’s manage on a daily basis ❤️

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