Beloved blind Sacha

SachaMy dog has just gone blind I am struggling to adjust our lives but I will win through. This is not easy when you are trying to be normal with him and your heart is broken. I want him to be happy and one good result is that he hasn’t lost his love of food.

One thought on “Beloved blind Sacha

  1. Your baby looks a lot like my Brandy. She developed diabetes a year ago. With that
    came cataracts. My heart was breaking watching her trying to navigate. Although she
    knows where everything is she still will walk into doors or walls or cars in the yard.
    I wanted to give her sight back so I opted for surgery. She was cleared as a candidate
    for cataract surgery do we went for it. Unfortunately and sadly it didn’t work out. For
    some reason they were unable to put lenses in her eyes..They tell me that her issues
    are probably neurological something with the brain.. Brandy just turned 14. She’ is going ok. Eating well and seems happy. She no longer has interest in any of her stuffed animals probably around 50. She never left the house without one. She always took one of her friends out with her. Even for a walk she’d keep one in her mouth for the entire walk. Now they all sit in a basket lonely and getting no attention
    from her. It’s so very very sad this new life and adjusting to it. It has really change her
    personality. She is the love of our lives and we are doing everything to make and keep her happy. There is nothing to compare to unconditional love that we all have for
    each other.

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