And So it Begins…

It seems like such a long time ago now that Lucy was struck down with glaucoma, so it seems strange to think it has only actually been 8 months. She has been through a lot in those few months and yet she can still come to me wagging her tail, looking for a cuddle even though she can no longer see. She is a joy to have around, so sight or no sight, she will always be loved and cared for.

I know there are thousands of others in the same boat who have dogs with eye issues that could potentially lead to blindness or like me, have a dog that is already blind. It turns out that this is a far more common problem than I had ever imagined. So since building websites is what I do for a living it was only natural for me to start this website totally devoted to blind dogs. We have only just begun and have a lot of information to add but we hope that with your help it can become the best website on the internet for blind dogs and their loving and dedicated owners.

The site includes a forum where you can ask questions and if you register (it’s free!) you can add your own photos and videos of you and your dog as well as provide updates on your profile page. We will be adding helpful information on a regular basis so do come back often.



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