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Renegade Hello my name is Nikki, my dog and best friend is Renegade. He is an Australian Shepard and has micro opthelmia. He is fantastic , he’s 3 years old.

He also has hearing problems and can’t tell which way sounds are coming from. He has to smell me to know its me. He can see shadows I think. He runs around very well , just will not see anything below him or beside him.

I have to have him on a harness in the mountains , he once wondered off and when we saw him he couldn’t see us, when you would yell he’d run the other way . Very scary. No more free range for him. I had scent block clothes on , it was very bright out he just only ran from me, my husband snuck up behind him and caught him. Renegade He was freaking out till he was dragged to me and I let him smell me.

Anyway as Renegade ages his vision will worsen . We live on a ranch and since he can not see well he is not a cattle dog , he does very well to stay at the gates and avoid the livestock. I’m looking for a sight to see how other people make their dogs happy and not feel different , especially as his eyes worsen. I want to be ready and prepared.

Renegade Renegade

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