My Boston is 11 and has glaucoma. We have been using eye drops and his numbers have been relatively good. Unfortunately, he has lost most of his vision. The vet Optomologist thinks that his loss of sight is due to his cataracts and she wants to remove them.

I took him to another specialist for a second opinion and he said not to remove the cataracts because they would just complicate the glaucoma.

He also said that Boston’s have a 40% higher chance of complications with cataract surgery along with glaucoma.

I’m torn as to what to do.

Anyone else have any experience with this issue?

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  1. We too are experiencing the exact same thing. Bobby is 10.5 years old, he was diagnosed diabetic in January, now into June and he started going blind 5 days ago. He too has cataracts and decided ourselves not to operate due to his age and with a heavy heart also due to the cost. Today I would say he is totally blind.
    What we are experiencing is Bobby sleeps much more soundly at night, in the morning he is very hard to rouse and once up he is totally disorientated for about 1/2 to 1 hour. From then on he switches from moving very cautiously to running around in the park without a lead.
    He has always walked without a lead so we are encouraging his confidence by letting him off in the safe park and calling him or just talking so he can hear and follow our voices.

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