Otis, The “South” Boston Terrier

Well, it is like this, Otis, the Boston Terrier has a South Boston attitude! He is kinda like that rabbit in “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”! When he goes to the vet, he has to be put in solitary so he dose not cause a riot among the other dogs. Anyway, Otis recently went blind. Cataracts due to diabetes. His eyes clouded and that was pretty much it as far as his ability to see.

So, I do a mental freak-out! If I took Valium, it would have been a double shot week. I mean, I was a mess! My wife was much more stoic about the whole thing which I understand because that is the way she is with just about everything. Anyway, a day or so ago I realized what I was doing about Otis’ condition. I was relating it to how I would feel if I , suddenly, was struck with blindness. I just did not know how Otis felt, so I interposed my feelings and allocated them to him.

Yesterday ( August 22nd) my wife and I took Otis to the vet and I told her what I was doing. She was very understanding and reminded me that dogs and humans do not approach things in the same way. She said that Otis didn’t have to open his e-mail or drive a car like we do so there is no feeling of loss of emotional loss. Of course, none of us, me included, can judge what Otis may or may not feel or understand about his new-found predicament but, now, he seems about the same, except for the fact that he bumps into things now.

As I reflect on all this, I know that Otis sightlessness is just a continuation of his diabetic condition and nothing more. He will handle it and so will I. I actually feel pretty positive about our future together. I guess the lesson that I have learned is not to stress out about things. Just continue to enjoy life and if, from time- to- time, I bump into things, well that is all part of the game.

Oh yeah, one other thing! About 8 years ago I was told that I had a hearing loss and had to wear hearing aids. Not one of my friend or neighbors said a word. Ever since friends, family and neighbors found out that Otis could not see my wife has had many phone calls and text messages from well wishers. I think that I am a little bit jealous… OH, FOR THE LIFE OF A DOG!!!!!

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  1. I absolutely love your attitude to all of this. You could have continued to fret and worry but you realised it wasn’t going to help you or your dog. Awesome!!

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