Welcome to you’re new home Sushi!!!

Well it’s not a long story, as we have only adopted Sushi since the 19th September 2012. Her owner had had her from being a pup when she lost one eye from an infection, however 6 months ago had to have her other eye removed for the same reason. Her owner decided she couldn’t cope and it wasn’t fair on Sushi so we thought we would try and give her the home for life the little character deserved.

She is so loving and has adapted so well. We have been looking into how to help her as much as we can, so far we have built a ramp in the front and back to help her down the step, and sprayed the back door and front door with polish so she knows where she is, also got old carpet samples from a local carpet store and placed a safe area from her bed round the living room to the front and back door for sushi so she knows as long as she feels the carpet she wont bump into anything. as well as always leaving the T.V on low when Sushi isn’t in bed so she knows where in the living room area she is.

We have another dog who is fully seeing but seems to be put off by Sushi keep bumping into him, we have put a bell on his collar so she knows where he is along with bobbles we place around are ankles and visitors so she knows their are legs around, as well as new toys that make sound.

She doesn’t go upstairs as she was never allowed upstairs in her old home. Don’t want her to have to take in too much. We have lit scented candles in the living room and in the kitchen so she knows which room she is in, she sleeps in the kitchen as their is less to fall and bump into and she decided where her bed was to be. The opposite to where we put it. (little madam hehe).

It is hard when their are children are about in the garden next door as she runs to greet them failing to remember in her excitement the boundaries that are set out in the garden and runs into the fence once she get disorientated. I explain to the children again you cant shout Sushi unless you come into the garden and your voices are indoor voices.

I pick Sushi up to place her in her bed in the kitchen (home base) to set off out again; to get her direction back, as i have learnt if i just place her or lead her back on her play area she gets agitated and disorientated. But if I pick her up from the situation, take her to her bed calm her down and then she can set off by herself she is fine.

Well that was longer than i thought (hehe). If anyone has any pointers help or advice i would love to hear from you.

Thank you Chrissy, Lee, Sushi + Eric

2 thoughts on “Welcome to you’re new home Sushi!!!

  1. My sighted dog is the same as your sighted dog. She doesn’t like it when Lucy walks into her and will snap at her. However, I notice lately that she is a little more forgiving. Maybe she finally realizes that Lucy is blind.

  2. He has been ok, not been aggresive but he is very soft he just runs away from here if she comes anywhere near him now, we are working on it nice and slowly tho… She is quickly settling in day 2 and we already settled into the routine quiet quickly xx xx

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