Puppy That Stole My Heart

I began fostering an 11 month old puppy who was mostly blind and had dual luxated lenses. I have since adopted him and he is now two.

He continues to get pressure checks and I administer dorzolamide 3x a day, flurbiprofen 2 x a day, and xalatan 2x a day plus sodium hydrochloride os.

His pressures have been fine but when I see him bump into things my heart breaks I think the time for surgery is near and I’m very stressed about the expense. He is very special and I can never imagine my life without him.

He is sweet and quiet, he likes to be snuggled under blankets and he loves human ears.

3 thoughts on “Puppy That Stole My Heart

  1. LOL, he loves ‘human ears’? What does he do to them…eat them?? I can just visualize a huge dog bowl of human ears. Okay, I know I am being silly…I’m just kidding around.

    They all look so cute together. I assume they are greyhounds…yes? They are such loving dogs. They look small although hard to tell in the photo – are they Italian greyhounds or am I totally on the wrong track here?

    In terms of the surgery I assume that you mean that the eye will be removed. If yes, then be aware that specialists are always going to charge you a lot more for the surgery than your local vet. It can be as much as a 50% difference in the price. The price can also vary between each vet.

    Also, just make sure whoever is going to operate on your dog that they have done this operation numerous times before.

    1. Yes they are Italian greyhounds . He was turned into rescue because of his eye problems he was the product of a brother and sister breeding mistake the previous owners made. He sees eyecare for animals I am opting for the slightly more expensive surgery where they replace the lense with a rubber insert so he will retain his eyes but with no vision. I’m doing this because Italian greyhounds look strange with sewn shut eyes since their heads are so streamlined. The surgery is about 2600 dollars but I am not comfortable with taking him anywhere else. He scratched his cornea the day before yesterday and has had some pain but his pressures seem to be stabilizing. He is very sensitive and affectionate he loves to kick people’s ears and all the other dogs ears. He is extremely sweet and have never encountered a dog who has his calm and sweet nature. He is timid and is afraid to jump off furniture but luckily I am home all day and can assist him with negotiating high places. He has been never been trained but seems to always go outside and obey commands. I cannot even describe how sweet he is he snuggles with guests and sleeps on there laps he never begs and loves to gently play.

  2. He is beautiful Jason! As well as his other buddies. My uncle has 2 Italian Greyhounds and they love “ears” as well! My Tina did not need surgery to remove her eyes but I am sure it is a hard decision for all of you who have. Bumping into things does get better when the time comes, like they navigate their world better without distraction of vision distortion of partial blindness. Tina though, being abused as a pup, will come close at times to BARELY touching something and I say something or move to her, she recoils as if she was kicked. That will never change, sadly. But when I let her maneuver on her own- making sure I have made it as safe as possible- she turns into this confident, proud, tail in the air girl!
    Glad you are hear- great support!

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