P.J.’s Recovery Part 2

Note how quick she is healing. I couldn’t even believe it. Often times I found myself caught off guard when I would look at her if she was laying on the couch and she had no eye on the left side. I couldn’t tell if she was sleeping or just hanging out.

Day-4 – PJ on Day 4 After the Operation

My one eyed puppy has taught me a lot!

These pics are:

Day 4 – Roaming around, I quite like this one because to me I assume that’s what she will look like when she is totally blind. Still cute as a button.

Day 6  -Healing like a champ. The first 7 days the healing time blew my mind. I sound like a broken record but its true!

Day 8 – Having a nap, almost no more redness and swelling

Day 10 – Waiting for a treat! The next day her staples came out.

I hope you all can really see her improvement every couple of days. I didn’t want to post every day, as these posts are allowed 4 pictures only. I just want you all to see how far she improved physically in 10 days.

Her mental improvement is hard to document, just trust me when I say, and I can’t say it enough, even though its not the prettiest sight, trust me when I say it was incredible how much better she felt even on Day 1 then she did in the couple weeks prior to surgery.

Day 6
Day 8
Day 10

Next up I’ll post Day 25 and Day 30

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