My sweet Maddi

I received a puppy for Christmas. A beautiful golden doodle. She was the runt of 13 and I knew from the start she was not quite right but everyone told me she was just a little slow to develop. I soon learned she was severely visual impaired.

She is now 11 weeks we have an appointment with an ophthalmologist on February 4. I’m nervous about training a dog that has no sight. I need resources and a trainer that can help guide me through this process. I work at home and my boyfriend is retired.

Please help us. I live in the Sacramento area. I want what is best for Maddi even if it means I might have to find someone who is more qualified to raise her.

2 thoughts on “My sweet Maddi

  1. You are certainly qualified to raise her. You don’t need any special qualifications to do this.

    If you can train a sighted dog then you will be able to train a blind dog. All it really means is that when training your dog, you won’t be able to use hand signals. It will all be voice and the action of placing your hands on the dogs body to show them what to do.

    When you want her to sit for instance, just say the word SIT and then place your hand on her backend and push her down gently. That’s all you need to do for her to sit. Do that until she only needs the word SIT to make her sit.

    You can do this.

  2. Paula is right; you can do this. If you feel you need a trainer to help you, any good trainer should be able to adapt his/her methods to do the job. If you were a little closer to Los Angeles, I would recommend this man: Have you called U.C. Davis’ Center for Companion Animals? They might have some useful information or guidance for you. Good luck!

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