My Shih Tzu

My baby CC was diagnosed with glaucoma two years ago in her left eye. Within the next few days of her diagnosis she had surgery to help with the pain and pressure. Unfortunately glaucoma is not curable.

Last month her eye started to look very blood shot and very dark blue. We brought her to her vet and we were told she was blind in that eye. We knew this would eventually happen to CC but when you are told this information you feel like the wind has just been knocked out of you. They upped all of her meds and eye drops.

This weekend her eye took a turn for the worse. Her eye became the brightest blue and filled with pus. Wednesday she is scheduled to have her eye removed. I am so heartbroken I can’t stop crying no matter where I am. I am so worried for her to be put under because she is 11. It’s the worse feeling in the world.

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  1. I too have a shih tzu, Elvis. He got into it with a larger dog, and we believe was picked up by his head. His right eye had to be removed. The left eye, we are told today, has a severed retina from the trauma and now has no vision. Elvis is still who he was, a hilarious goofball. I am getting him a halo when his cone comes off. We will be a team just like always. I hope your baby is doing well.

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