My Big Hearted Buddy

Hello Everyone, I’m new to the sight and am really needing some words of encouragement. My six year old Yorkie Divot is my baby as I’m sure everyone on here will same the same about their dog. For the past five years my husband worked evenings and nights and it was just me and Divot. I have no family in the area so he was my family. He kept me company and I have literally done everything for him.

About six months ago Divot was diagnosed with diabetes after rushing him to the vet with severe pancreatitis and dehydration. About three months go by and we were still struggling to regulate his blood sugar. He is now 10lbs and is at 4.5 units.

At about three months in my son was born. Over my maternity leave I started to notice his eyes getting cloudy. Since I was previously warned about the extremely high chance of him getting cataracts due to the diabetes I was pretty certain I knew what was happening. Within a matter of weeks he had developed fully mature cataracts in both eyes. About a week ago I had to take him in because one eye was very red and irritated and he didn’t want to open it. Then last Friday the other eye looked the same and the cloudy lens was not as visible. After taking him to the emergency vet we were told there was a 99% chance within a week to two weeks he would have glaucoma in both eyes.

The most recent irritated eye has a tear in the lens. I have scheduled the surgery to remove both eyes (as the specialist recommended due to the severity of his eyes). I am really struggling if this is the right decision for him. Will he have a good quality of life being completely blind and a struggling diabetic with two small children in the house? We are almost regulated with his blood sugar so hopefully we will have that sorted very soon. But, I also have two small children so it is difficult to keep things picked up out of his way all the time. Also my husband and I work monday through friday so he is alone a big portion of the day. I feel like my heart is ripping apart having to decide his life. I don’t know what I should do. A big part of me feels like I should give him a chance to adapt and live with the diabetes as a blind dog and the other part of me wonders if I will be putting his through too much. I have about a week to decide…..

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