My Baby’s Eyes

My dogs name is Baby and she is a 14 year old black toy poodle. First her hearing is going too.

I noticed she had eye problems about 6 years ago. There was just a tiny light there in her eyes and it gradually got bigger over the years.Our veterinarian monitored her vision and she had some vision.

This year is when I noticed she was in some pain. She was very anxious and panting when, I guess, she was totally blind. One eye had blood and the other one the lens shifted. So the vet recommended eye removal.

She had the surgery this March 3. I must say when I picked her up from the vet she didn’t look like my Baby. I still have that look in my head. Now that her stitches are out and her hair has grown in she looks like my Baby again.

I would say she is doing pretty good but I’m not. I need to understand how to take care of her now. She has been sleeping a lot but when I take her out she walks around like she can see, I have to take her upstairs but she comes down by herself. She can feel her way around the house pretty good and can find her food and water. I just feel I need to do more to help her adjust to blindness.

It bothers me that she might not run again. I don’t know how to help her. I know I shouldn’t help her too much but I don’t want her to miss out on anything because I’m not informed. All in all she is doing better than me with this condition.

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  1. My Coco is having her eye removed Monday. She is also a toy poodle. I don’t think they’ll run any more. If I were blind I doubt I would run but some people run with a guide. Our pug went blind but was able to get around by walking along the wall. I think he went by sound. He died of an unrelated cancer. I feel sad knowing Coco’s pretty little brown eye is being removed but will be glad when it’s over. She is needing a biopsy done too. Best of luck with your poodle.

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