Maggie Isabella

Maggie IsabellaMaggie Isabella is our 9.5 week old mini dachshund…we found out a week ago that she was blind. We had started noticing the 2nd week we had her that she was running into everything, so we mentioned that to our vet at her regular appointment for shots..he checked her eyes and said both of her pupils were fully dilated. I have an appointment to see a veterinary ophthalmologist on April 15.

She is so smart and happy and can already find her way around the house. I feel like she was meant for me to have her. She was born on Jan 7, 2013 the same day we had to put my 4.5 yr old silver dapple dachshund Ellie Jane down…it still hurts every time I think about her..I’m in tears now..I’m sooo glad i got her instead of somebody who wouldn’t want her just because she’s blind. It breaks my heart whenever i tell somebody she’s blind and the first thing they ask me was if i got my money back from the breeder…No i didn’t and i think she was worth every cent i paid for her..She is my heart!! I couldn’t imagine not having her.

Maggie Isabella with momToday we started puppy training classes she did good even though the class was during her normal supper time..she gobbled up the treats.

I will post again after our visit to the ophthalmologist..

7 thoughts on “Maggie Isabella

  1. She is such a cutie. You feel the same way I do. I believe Kodie came to us so we could take care of him. Good luck with your appointment. Keep us updated.

  2. Maggie Isabella is beautiful. Welcome to a great community, full of wonderful help and support. My baby, Marlo, is also blind. Its kind of a long story, but she has been completely blind since she was five months old, and we were told then (when she was five months old) that she was nearly blind before then. She was born with underdeveloped optical nerves. We are amazed at how well she does and how she fits in with our other 2 shih-tzus.

  3. She is so precious! And lucky to be with those who will love and understand her. She will learn a lot but she will teach you even more. Welcome to this site!

  4. She’s so beautiful!!!…I do believe they come to us for a reason, I know here in Israel not many people are willing to care for a blind dog. When I told people my Bella one day will be completely blind, most people thought I would just have her put to sleep. NEVER!!!!!!.

  5. Thank you! My pup was nearly blind when I adopted her, and has recently had both eyes removed. People always give me a pity look or make a comment like those that you’ve mentioned when I tell them she’s blind. I, too, am extremely happy that I found Cassie instead of someone who would get rid of her, put her down, or just let her suffer because they couldn’t deal with it. Thank God. You little girl is gorgeous.

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