Lucy is a trooper

lucyHi everyone, I am new to this site. Thank you for all of your stories i feel better after reading them. My dog Lucy had surgery 1/31/2016 to have a large tumor removed from her chest and a cracked back tooth, right side. She healed fine from the surgery. Two weeks later I noticed her right eye looked red, bulgy, grayish. I took her to the vet, she told me Lucy had a detached Retina and referred me to a eye specialist.

lucyAfter seeing the specialist, not good, the dog had some type of trama, glaucoma secondary. I give her 6 different eye drops and have trouble controlling the eye pressure so they suggested eye removal. The surgery is scheduled for next Thursday 5/26. I actually cancelled the first scheduled surgery because I was very nervous to put her under again after recent surgery, but after reading all your stories i am ready. I know this id the best thing for her. Now I am just praying she heals quickly and her other eye hopefully does ok. Thanks again for this site.


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