Hope a Blind Double Dapples Doxie

Hope was born blind because she is a double dapple and I got her when she was 8 weeks old. The rescue got her from a puppy mill and I got her from the rescue.

She barks a lot at sounds and she doesn’t like men and she has been that way from the time I got her but she likes women.

Where I live all the dogs want to hurt her. But her blindness is getting a lot or for she is walking in to things and walking the walls and up beside things and she is a loving dog and likes to play with toys and she sleeps a lot.

One thought on “Hope a Blind Double Dapples Doxie

  1. Hello,
    A couple of years ago my Maltese was diagnosed with retinal degenerative disease and a slight cataract in his right eye, which gave him limited sight, and glaucoma and a full cataracts in the left eye, which caused complete blindness in that eye. In January the cataract took over his right eye leaving him completely blind. I did a lot of research about blind dogs and found this sight http://www.jordycanid.com This is for a sonar device specially made for blind dogs that emits sound at a frequency only my dog can hear. By the sound emitted he can tell open space vs closed space (wall), and is able to map his space. He has adapted amazingly to his blindness. He goes up and down a full set of stairs, he jumps up on the couch, and he rarely bumps into walls or furniture, even if I move the furniture. You may want to check it out, it has worked amazingly for my Teddy, and he has lost very little quality of life.

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