Coco-2011Our little Coco is an 11-yr-old toy poodle. She was diagnosed April 2015 as diabetic. Her twice-daily insulin shots have been stabilizing her.

At the time of diagnosis, we knew she might be developing cataracts. One eye especially had a blue look. But in May 2015 this eye has turned red, bulging, infected. Diagnosed as glaucoma.

Her eye will be removed 6-1-15. I’m sad about it. Know she can live just fine sightless. Our pug went blind & he got around ok. But this has happened so fast & I’m sad to have her come home with her eye sewn shut.

I might try to knit her a cute little pirate eye patch. We also have three cats that don’t necessarily like our dogs & they used to slash out at our blind pug so I’m afraid if they should slash her good eye, I’d go ballistic. My pictures of her are on my iPad so may have to add them later. Other than one when she was younger & had perfect sight.

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  1. Good luck today with the surgery. My Border Collie mix developed glaucoma when she was 5, 16 months later she has had both eyes removed and is a “wonder dog”

  2. Coco had her surgery yesterday & seems depressed. We were told she most likely will lose her other eye too – – when, we don’t know. I don’t know how much pain she is in because it’s like someone handed me back an empty poodle suit. Her one eye is sewn shut & the other is clenched shut. The eye still there is infected with green goop & the Dr forgot to give us an antibiotic. We reminded him & waited while they put pills in an envelope. She hasn’t wanted to walk, eat, drink. I set her on the grass outside & she looked like a just-born deer. Just stood there wobbling. I put her pills in some cooked chicken skin & held her water to her lips so she finally drank something 15 hours after coming home. This has been so sudden. She just wants to lay in my lap like a dead dog. She slept next to me last night & didn’t move but I woke up several times to make sure she was alive. Husb suggested putting her vest & leash on her to get her to walk but I had to pull her on just-waxed wood floor. I hope she gets better. This is making me very sad.

    1. At this stage Dorothy, it is probably the surgery that is causing her depression. We see this a lot on this site. Just give her time and she will be back to her old self.

  3. Please do not measure her results by today or even this week. I have a little mostly blind one eyed (covered in scar tissue) rescue who had surgery in March to repair a partial cleft which included removing a canine tooth from her open nasal cavity. 48 hrs after surgery she was still feeling emotional and sensitive. Please support her during her recovery and I promise there are happy days ahead! This will all seem like a bad dream once she gets oriented and on her feet! Give her all the extra attention you can while she’s in her delicate recovering condition…

  4. My beautiful girl Gidget is a 15yr old cocker spaniel and she had catteracts and glycoma, and had to have her left eye removed from the pain it was causing her. Although she is still blind in the other eye and deaf she is the happiest and fittest little girl!

    1. I have two bassetts, one blind has glaucoma and cataract, the other just glaucoma and sight in one eye. How do you know your dog is having eye pain?

  5. Dorothy,
    Reading your story is like reading my own story. My little chocolate toy poodle, named CoCo Beanie, was diagnosed with primary glaucoma last year and her right eye was removed in June 2014. She was 8 at that time. The first few days were hard and she had to wear her “cone of shame” for three weeks to keep her from scratching her eye until the stitches were removed. Her other eye is also at risk and they told me she would be blind within a year. However, she has been on two different types of eye drops and her eye is stable so far for which I am incredibly thankful. We have a specialty eye clinic for pets in our area with 3 incredible women doctors who are veterinary ophthalmologists. They took exemplary care of her and it was incredibly sad for me to come to terms with, but she is doing well and the happy little girl she has always been. I’m sure once your CoCo recovers from the surgery she will be just fine. My little CoCo also has a cataract in her good eye. No matter what comes I will always have her best interest at heart and will love her like crazy! Wishing you all the best as CoCo recovers.

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