Coco our little angel

CocoAlmost 3 weeks ago we noticed that Coco right eye was twitching and she was a little anxious. Took her to emergency and they diagnosed her with uveitis, she was put on eye drops and heavy medication. 3 days later the eye looked red and enlarged.

We took her back to our Vet and gave us a another lot of medication. Couple of days later it still wasn’t right, so we decided to take her to the Animal Eye Clinic, this is were they have diagnosed her with glaucoma. The right eye had to be removed and the other eye will eventually lose sight too.

Coco had her eye surgery yesterday. We are shattered and torn to see her like this. Not in a million years did we ever thought that something like this would happen.Coco

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  1. Your dog is pretty, with or without her eyes. Look at her soul. I have 1dog without eyes and we have her hair cut like a sheep dog, my other dog is blind in 1 eye and we give her drops and keep the eyes clear. We love them for them. It is just shocking at first. You will get used to her new look.

  2. It’s heartbreaking, as I know too well, but I’m sure you realize that she was in terrible pain and when the incision heals, she won’t be. You can stave off her glaucoma in the other eye for a while, maybe even as long as two years (which I did), maybe not, with the right medication. Coco will adapt, better than you can imagine at this stage, although I realize that’s hard to believe right now. Check out the yahoo group for blind dog owners – you can find a lot of moral support there.

  3. Diana is right. Coco will adapt better than you can imagine. I am living proof. Our Kodie was diagnosed with Glaucoma in both eyes 3 years ago. He had his first eye removed 2 years ago. We were able to prolong the eye removal of last eye for 2 years. We woke up one morning and he was blind. When we initially received the diagnosis 3 years ago I thought what in the world will we do with a blind dog. Me and my husband both work full time. My fear was we would have to put him down at that point. Boy, was I so wrong. Kodie had his last eye removed 1 month ago on Sunday. I am totally amazed. He has healed. He can get around our house just like he could before. Yes, it took a couple weeks for him to heal and start learning his way around. If you saw him walking around the house from the back, you would never know he is blind. We did put blankets on our furniture with corners. He would hit the blanket instead of the furniture. He learned very quick. It hasn’t been a month and now he rarely runs into anything. He finds his food and water bowl with no problems now. At the beginning I did click my fingernails on the bowls until he learned where they were. I must say I am totally amazed. Everyone told me, but I was still skeptical until I happened to us. Yes, I miss seeing his beautiful blue Siberian Husky eyes, but you can see his soul and spirit instead of his eyes. Coco will be just fine and so will you.

  4. How is Coco getting on now? My Shih Tzu, Molly, who is 11 years old was diagnosed with glaucoma in both eyes 2 days ago. She had to have her right eye removed yesterday and is still under observation in the veterinary surgery. All being well she will allowed home tomorrow at noon.

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