Zelda my blind border collie

ZeldaZelda is a border collie that was born with severe glaucoma. She was given up to the mscp due to her being blind. When I first saw her picture I feel in love.

Her bio said she needed a home with a companion dog and we thought our 4 year old dog would be great for her. Little did we know how special she was.

She doesn’t realize she’s blind and is a little spitfire and so smart. Every day she amazes us with her love and determination.

A lot of people thought we were crazy. Some people said she would be a burden, she would never be a normal dog, should be put down. They were all wrong!!! We are so blessed to have her in our family.

5 thoughts on “Zelda my blind border collie

  1. I am going to be adopting a border collie mix that is having to loose an eye due to quills. I’m wondering how you deal with the border collie’s drive to work? Im considering doing a scent work class, have you had experience with this or done some scent work with Zelda?

    1. I haven’t done any scent work classes, but at home I have a lot of toys for her that keep her busy. Kongs stuffed with things like peanut butter, cream cheese stuff that takes a lot of work to get out is great. And their are great puzzle games in some of the pet stores that you can put treats in and they have to figure out how to open it.

      Good luck with your pup.

  2. Zelda just turned 2. She is doing great. We have had some complications with her eyes, but nothing severe. She continues to be a very happy go lucky girl with lots of energy!! People always ask “are you sure she is fully blind?? “. And yes we are sure. Blind dogs are amazing. They don’t need sight to get around, their sense of smell is so great once they adapt to their surroundings their off and running.

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