Zeeva is my little Papillion. Before she was a year old we noticed her eyes changing from black to navy blue to light blue. Then black pigment started to come into the blue. She had severe luxating patellas so we were referred to CSU vet school in Fort Collins.

We decided to have her eyes checked while we were there. Well the eye school was so excited because they had never seen a case of binocular melanosis (her diagnosis) in a Papillion. It is a disease of the eyes found in Carin Terriers. They have been studying her for over 3 years. They expected she would loose her eyes immediately but we have been lucky. She will have her left eye removed on Tuesday July 2. Hopefully we will be able to keep the pressure down in the right for a while. She will eventually loose it but because she is the only known case in a Papillion the progression is unknown.

In Carins the onset is usually at 9-12 years of age. Zeeva’s onset was prior to age 1. With this eye disease the pigment blocks the drainage angle in the eyeball and the pressure builds. It is treated with glaucoma medications. She is maxed out on the meds and her pressure rose to 50 this last week in the left eye so that is why we had to make the decision to have it removed. Her right eye is maintaining in the low 20 range right now.

We will continue to treat that eye hoping she can keep it a while. It is just heartbreaking to want the best for our furry friends and not knowing what to do!

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  1. WooHoo! 12days post surgery and Zeeva is actually playing just now! She looks perkey! She gets her stitches out tomorrow!

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