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Penny and PepiI have 2 chihuahuas Pepi ( red) & Penny (parti) Penny ‘s immune system is breaking down. She has a bowel condition and Kerato Conjunctivitis Sicca which is sevear and is seeing a specialist optomologist . Nothing he has tried cyclosporine, Tacrolimus , steroids antibiotics and lacri-lube has worked.

On our last appointment her tear production was 0 in her right eye and 3 in her left eye and her eyes were very swollen and sore. He gave us 4 options option, 1 was to try Protopic gel in her eyes but it’s very difficult to get into her eyes you have to use a cotton bud and gently scrape into bottom eyelid. Option 2 was to have the saliva glands rerouted to her eyes but with this she has a red flag against all of the 5 test questions to see if operation would be a success. Options 3 to remove her eyes and she wouldn’t have any more pain. Option 4 we wouldn’t consider.

So we said we would try option 1 the Protopic gel with antibiotics and steroids but this isn’t working. So on our next appointment 11th December we are going to have to make a decision between option 2&3. We feel that option 2 to reroute the saliva glands to her eyes won’t work because of her immune system and the fact that she has a red flag against all of the test questions but with option 3 how can we make the decision to take away her eyes. She will go to sleep seeing but wake up blind. Will it be very difficult for her to cope as this is such a shock for her?

Has anyone else been in a similar situation? Or can anyone give me any information on how you think she will cope? Also any information of how I can help her before the operation and afterwards?
I forgot to say Penny is 2years 10months old. Thank you for any information anyone can give as we are between a rock and a hard place with this decision xxx

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  1. Our dog had glaucoma and we gave him drops for a couple of years until they quit working. We had both eyes removed. He was blind and his sight was not going to return. He has adapted very well. He learned the house and the neighborhood and now gets around very well, only occasionally running into things. People don’t even know he’s blind until they get up close and see he has no eyes. We are glad we had the eyes removed. He is comfortable. It isn’t perfect, but all things considered it has worked out well. One thing I believe to be important is to give your dog plenty of love and attention while he is adapting. Help him get around, teach him verbal cues, plenty of encouragement. Our dog I believe felt helpless for a while, and until he learned to trust us to be ther for him, he was a little nervous. But he relaxed over time. I believe he is happy and accepting. I wish he could see, but we are there for him, and it has worked out better than I ever would have guessed. A good book is Living With Blind Dogs by Caroline Levin. It’s got a lot of tips and ideas to help you through. Amazon has it.

  2. I have ordered this book you have recomended Jim so i hope it will be delivered soon. Decision day is Friday which i’m not looking forward to but i know i have to do what’s best for Penny not for me.
    Thanks for your advice it’s much appriciated.


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