Willow – Struggling with Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

I have a 3 year old long haired Daschund called Willow. 6 months ago, after noticing her having difficulties navigating her way around I sought help from an eye specialist, who diagnosed her with PRA .

Literally in the last week, she has completely lost her sight.  I am really struggling with seeing her so disorientated, and the fact she is by far the most loving dog I have ever had.

I worked for the RSPCA for 8 years, looking to become an inspector – I can’t help feeling this is selfish and cruel, to be in darkness for the next 10 or so years – heartbroken 😥

2 thoughts on “Willow – Struggling with Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

  1. Hi Stacey —

    Willow’s story is the same as my dog Jack. Jack was diagnosed with PRA in October ’17, and he’s just about completely blind now. Or maybe he is completely blind; it’s hard to tell sometimes. Anyway, he’s 9. He’s disoriented, and bumping into things, etc. I’m not too happy about it either, but he’s not in any pain from it and I think once we both get used to it, we’ll be ok. I think I’m going to get him something that can help with bumping into things, as I don’t want him to lose confidence.

    1. My dog lost her sight about 5 years ago and is a very happy 12 year old. She completely knows her way around the house and can even jump on and off the sofa without hitting the coffee table. When I moved to a new home it took about a week to navigate the new space. Outside you have to be her “seeing eye human” I have her on a harness with a leash and pull back to slow her and up which tells her to step up over a curb. Also because she can’t see the body language of other dogs you have to make sure they are friendly before allowing her near them. At first I coddled her which I believe made it harder for her to adapt. Just let her figure it out and she will be fine in no time.

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