what is wrong with my baby and what should i do to help her ?

Hello i’m new to this site i have been searching the web for any info on what i can do to help my baby. She all the sudden went blind about a month ago.

She is a 7 year old jack russell up until she went blind she was a very active dog. Her favorite thing to do was playing ball, i mean this was the one thing she loved more than anything. First thing she do when someone come over is go get a ball and want them to play.

Now after going blind she has lost all her energy her activity level has decreased about 80%, she mostly just sleeps.

I have tried to do new things with her. I got some bells and put them inside a ball so she could hear the bells hoping she start to play at times she tries but only for a few minutes then she becomes not interested. All she wanted to do before going blind was to play ball all the time and now nothing. This really worries me her eyes get real red and she seems depressed.

I don’t have the money to take her to the vet all the time to get her eyes check. Is there anything i can give her that will help easy the pain in her eyes she still wags her tail and likes going on car rides. She is learning to get around with my help. First thing i did was to slap my leg to have her follow the sound and she took to this right away but I worry that she might be in pain at times and this is not what i want for her she is such a good dog any help would be appreciated

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  1. Has she actually been to the vet? Do you know what is actually wrong with her? If it is glaucoma then she would be in a lot of pain which is why she is not playing and she has no energy.

    You really need to get her to a vet. Here’s some options for you for assistance: http://www.humanesociety.org/animals/resources/tips/trouble_affording_pet.html

    1. yes she has been to the vet numerais times she has glaucoma and is blind in both eyes they went at the same time she is getting eye drops and two different pain meds I hate to think what would have happened had it not been for the amazing caring Doctor we were lucky to find the Doctor has given us most all of the med’s that my baby needs to help with her pain and has continued to call and check up on how she is doing the thing is that she will need to have the surgery to remove her eye’s the pain med’s will only help for so long

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