Waiting nervously

TobyAbout a week ago I noticed my baby’s eye had started to weep a little more than normal and he was keeping it closed, squinting. I didn’t take much notice of this because he ALWAYS gets bits and pieces in his eyes and manages to blink them out, but after it wasn’t getting better I started a saline wash, and a few nights later as I was doing this I noticed his eye had gone cloudy.

TobyThe next day I called the vet and took him in later that day. The first thing the Dr said was “90% chance he loses the eye” no one knows what is exactly wrong but after trying different drops and steroids and antibacterial, anti inflammatories and god knows what else today we decided it needed to be removed, much to my upset.

And now I am sitting here looking for any post op information on how to make Toby as comfortable as possible, but there doesn’t seem to be much info out there, so I was hoping someone here could help me?

4 thoughts on “Waiting nervously

  1. Try not to worry too much. I know that’s hard to do right now but it will be okay. I’m currently dealing with my Elly on the verge of losing her right eye. She already lost the first. It’s a roller coaster of emotions for sure. But they really adapt and adjust better than us. I know it’s upsetting and heart breaking but once your baby heals, all will be fine.

  2. Also, every time I tried to find information about how dogs heal after eye removal, I found people saying it only took their dogs a week or two to recover. My Elly took a month. It worried me a lot. She was lethargic and wouldn’t eat much. But after many vet visits, and lots of love and care, she was fine. It took her longer but it worked out. Just give your Toby some time. Every dog is different.

  3. I’m assuming you’ve been given pain meds and antibiotics; if not, you should insist on them. Some old-school vets are very stingy about pain medication. Toby will probably be pretty subdued and sleep a lot for the first few days, but I think you will be surprised how quickly he rebounds from this. However, each dog is individual, as you can see from the responses here. Mine took no more than a week when the second eye was removed in June, same with the first eye she lost. Just administer lots of love and cuddles; you’ll get through this just fine…really.

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