My little Zeeva

Zeeva has binocular melanosis. It it typically called Carin eye and is only found in Carin terriers. Well except for Zeeva. She is being studied by CSU Fort Collins. In essence the drainage angle in the eyeball becomes blocked by the melanin in the eye(the dark color you see). The pressure builds and the eyes have to be removed when the pressure can no longer be controlled. Zeeva will have her left eye removed Tuesday. Her right will be removed when the pressure is too great.

3 thoughts on “My little Zeeva

  1. Aww! Thanks Shannon! We think she is too! Glad Syd is progressing too. He looks good! They said Zeeva did well, she wanted to be held then fell back asleep. They sent her eye to pathology at Fort Collins. I want to go get her but I am so nervous, I think I will wait for my husband to get home so we can go together. We got a second dog (KyndZee)to be a companion for Zeeva when she is blind, her and I are just kinda lost, worrying and waiting for Zeeva.

    1. Ya that wait to go pick them up at the vet was horrible! They handed him to me and I could hardly look at him as a man and his son in the waiting room went pale! The man said “oh man- god bless you guys” and the little boy was scared and grabbed his arm. I got syd in the car and looked at him- then I just broke down. The man came out and saw me lose it – I think he lost it too.

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