Update on Maggie Isabella

Today Maggie went to see a vet ophthalmologist, she was diagnosed with optic nerve hypoplasia…That’s where her optic nerves just never developed..so she was born completely blind…nothing can be done for her…she also has a blood clot in her right eye..she goes back in 3 months to have that checked…the dr thinks it may be traumatic from her crashing her little head into things..just this morning she was running from the living room into my bedroom and ran straight into the door frame..:(…other than bumping into things occasionally she is doing great!!. We started puppy training classes at Petsmart and she graduates next week.:)..

4 thoughts on “Update on Maggie Isabella

  1. Your story is so sweet! Your little munchkin is adorable and it’s so great that you two found each other! And congratulations on her graduating her puppy classes!!

    1. I love Petsmart’s training. We take all our dogs through it . Having a puppy is an extra challenge as she is so energetic and therefore more prone to accidents. Do you have a safe place outdoors to let her run off some of that energy? We are lucky to have a large fenced backyard with no trees or other obstacles.

  2. yes we do have a huge yard for her to run and play…she loves being outside..we also got her a seeing eye dog playmate…his name is Leo and they love each other:)

  3. Hi Tammy-not sure if you saw my post when I signed up for this sight. We adopted a 10 week old miniature poodle (now 13 weeks old) also diagnosed with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia. HIs name is Lucca and he is incredible! He is fearless and loves all people, including little kids, and dogs that he meets. We are helping him map our home and the outside areas where we walk him. We live in a high rise but across the street from a beautiful, big park. We haven’t spent a lot of time there yet because he has one more shot before he can go where there may be other dogs that we don’t know.

    We have thought about getting another dog to be Lucca’s playmate and serve as a seeing eye dog as you mentioned above. When you said you got a “seeing eye dog” for Maggie Isabella did you literally mean a dog trained to assist dogs and or humans or did you mean you got another doge who natural developed into a guide dog for Maggie Isabella? Thanks for any information you can share with us about this.

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