Tori the Survivor

Tori is my male chihuahua who contracted Glaucoma when he was 11 yo. After numerous treatments his eye pressure was high and he was in a lot of pain. Upon removal he recovered very well. He had trouble with his depth perception but slowed down and adjusted. His other eye was perfectly normal but the doctors said his other eye will also contract the disease.

Just three months later his other eye had to be removed. I have no words to describe the pain in my heart crying for my boy. What is best for him, for his comfort and quality of life were the only concerns in my decision making. He was the heartbeat of our family. He also has a older brother and sister (not blood related). I believed with all my heart that there was enough love in his life that we would all help him overcome any difficulties he’d be facing. He was only able to hold on for another 8mos and he passed away at the age of 13yo.

I’ve owned many dogs in my lifetime but I never had one love me like Tori and I loved him so much. The pain of losing him slowly got replaced with the reminder of all the wonderful times we shared together. I’m not sure as I look back if I did the right thing with his second surgery. But to put him down did not seem like a very humane way to go either. Everyone’s emotions are so personal that there are no right or wrong decisions. It’s just a lonely journey we often have to take alone. To me Glaucoma is the worst thing that happen to any pet.

I hope we can cure this disease sooner before later. Two months after Tori’s passing, his brother Hoppi passed away. Hoppi died of a broken heart. Two months afterwards, my oldest female Cricket also passed away. Feelings and emotions have a far greater affect on dogs than their physical conditions. We too often take our pets for granted they’ll be here forever. Hold your pets close to your heart and let them know how much they mean to you. In closing I say that the joys of sharing your life with your pets far outweighs the bad things. Unconditional love, something we need to learn from them.

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