This is all new to me

My beautiful Shi Tzu had trauma to his eye while I was away and his eye popped out. He finally got the stitches removed yesterday and that’s when I heard the dreaded news! He has lost vision in his left eye. I am beyond heartbroken and feel completely lost. I went to a specialist and they said to give it a little time before deciding to remove the eye.

What do I do? What is the best for my Teddy?

3 thoughts on “This is all new to me

  1. I know this seems like terrible news and it is to all of us at first, but you will find that your dog will cope beautifully with just one eye. They are amazing really. Even those that have lost both their eyes still function extremely well.

    Your Teddy will be fine with or without the eye. The specialist obviously thinks there is no rush to take the eye out so you have a bit of time to digest it all. Just read some of the posts on this site to see how well other people are doing.

  2. Hi there! It feels devastating and is heartbreaking to hear this news. I promise, with all my heart that Teddy will be completely ok with it and will adjust more quickly than you imagine. He will be a happy little dude very quickly; he will amaze you.
    He doesn’t see from that eye any more so removal might be a matter of comfort for Teddy or risk of infection from particles if the eyeball is no longer properly shaped (I’m only guessing and am far from an expert). But the specialists will have informed recommendations. For my dog, who’s eyeball will be removed soon, they will put in a prosthetic to hold the structure of the skull, but then sew the socket closed. She will still be able to make funny faces with her eyebrows. Write again when you feel like it. HUGS

  3. Thank you for your support and words of encouragement. Teddy is now officially a one eyed pup. I have to say I have never cried so much in my life but now I’m embracing his new look. It’s only been one week since the removal and he is adjusting beautifully. Day 2 after surgery he was bouncing around going after my big black lab. He is such a fighter. If there are any people going through this is the Philadelphia area I highly recommend Dr. Brady Beale. Not only is she an amazing doctor her bedside manners are what got me through everything!

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