The Cocker Twins, Meaghen and Gretchen

In 1986 I bought two delightful blond cocker spaniel puppies. Both lived to be twenty years of age. Meaghen had frequent ear infections, common for cockers and indeed it became chronic.

While the idea of removing her ear canal at first scare me, I finally took her to a university vet hospital. What a change! No outward sign of surgery, but she was a different dog now without the chronic infection; the associated needed cleaning, pain somewhat and lethargy. She was almost like a puppy again.

Meanwhile Gretchen had cateracts. Never had surgery. Finally at age twenty my little darling Meaghen had complete obstruction of he bowel from a tumor and had to be euthanized. She was in terrible pain. It was only after her death that I noticed Gretchen was totally blind. The two dogs lived together all their lives and they helped each other–one hearing and one seeing, the two together did just fine. I had not realized she was totally blind until Meaghen was gone. They had wonderful lives despite their sensory losses. I am sorry I have no pictures to load up. They were so loving to each other and to us. .

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