Surgery tomorrow

My elegant and gentle Boxer Pandora developed eye cancer without my noticing anything until last Saturday. I will spare everyone the graphic details, but the tumor has destroyed her eyesight and the eye must be removed due to its rapid progression.

When I got the news of the extent of the damage, I had already been to the Animal Hospital twice and to a fabulous vision center that was luckily nearby. She was so distressed and bleeding so heavily that I was convinced the end was near and was ready to put her to sleep then and there, considering her age, 12, and the fact that she was also scheduled for mast cell tumor removal. I could not imagine asking my sweet dog to go through surgery and recovery. Bit by bit I got more information (in the span of two days) and she is scheduled for removal of the right eye tomorrow, Thursday.

I am heartsick as the loveliest communication tool a Boxer uses are her large, lovely expressive eyes. I have to say that already she is calmer and so am I. She is walking nimbly as always and the way that she has faced her gruesome ordeal gives me the courage to see this through to a brighter day. Thank you for all the encouraging stories.

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