My little boy is only 3 years old and has glaucoma in his right eye. The doctor said that he will lose vision in his left eyes. He suggested that we remove his right eye. It breaks my heart that he is still so young. I dont want to see him in pain the drops seem to be holding him but the doctor told me that it is only temporary. I keep trying to find something anything to help him.

He is my daughters best friend and we are so confused. I have set a date to see the doctor and we need to decide injection or removal never thought i would be dealing with this considering how healthy he seemed.

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  1. I have a 2 year ol blond border collie and she has had the injections in both eyes. Only one injection failed, usually they have a 95% success rate,, so we had to give her a second shot. So far for us the shots have been a great choice.

    Good luck I know it’s hard it is, but our pups handle a lot better than we do?

    1. My 8 year old Japanese Chin went blind in both eyes from glaucoma. She was blind for some time but never bumped into objects or gave us any reason to think she could not see. When the eye specialist told us she was blind, we almost could not believe it. We started on the drops immediately but one eye is not responding well. The doctor has suggested the injections but I have read many stories of people who got the injections and then shortly after, the doctor wants to remove the eye anyway. So hearing about your luck with the injections as a way to prevent the eye removal is a hopeful piece of information. Removing an eye from my beautiful dog is not something I could handle very well even though she might not know the difference. My heart is just breaking over this.

    2. We are at the point of the three options for our spaniel mix Millie. Our Ophthalmologist said of the three, the injection was the best for the dog. I was just curious as to the recovery time and what happens after the injection.

  2. Are you taking spirit to an ophthalmologist? If so what is the pressure in the right eye? How often are they checking the pressure? If the pressure is high and is no longer being controlled by eye drops, the chances are spirit is in pain. And the only relief is to remove the eye.

    My bullmastiff had primary glaucoma. This was determined when the first eye was removed and sent off to the lab to find out what destroyed the vision. It came back as primary glaucoma which confirmed the same thing would happen to his second eye.

    Right before the first eye was removed – I was dropping in 14 drops a day (about five different types of drops). At the time I did not know the pain Buddy was in. Once the first eye was removed I told the ophthalmologist that I was not going to do that type of regiment for the other eye – I did not feel that it was right for Buddy to endure the drops when he was in pain and did not understand what was going on with the drops. I did drop two different drops in the right eye three times a day for about two months before that eye was removed.

    The first eye was removed in the end of Feburary of this year and the second was removed in the end of May. Both times the eye went extremely quick.

    I would highly recommend you reading “living with Blind Dogs by caroline d levin rn .. Also I just order another book today. There are many great suggestions – that I did do to get ready for Buddy for when the time came he was blind.

    Buddy is eight years old and has done amazingly well. My family vet assured that Buddy would still have a good quality of life and he does. It is a hard decision and it is very upsetting to have your dog deal with this. Even though I knew the second eye would go as quickly as the first eye … I can not express how upsetting it was for me when Buddy woke up blind on that Sunday morning… It brought tears to my eyes. Also it brought tears to my eyes and heart when I realized that those beautiful brown eyes were never going to look into my eyes again. The book that I recommended explains dealing with the loss.

    I wish the best to your family and to spirit.

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