Spencer~cocker spaniel

SpencerSpencer developed glaucoma in his right eye in October of 2011 when he was 8 years old. The weekend he developed it happened to be the weekend that all the ophthalmic vets were away at a conference. By the time he was seen, he was blind.

We first tried chemical ablation to affected eye to help control pressures. It worked for awhile but eventually he needed surgical intervention. We elected to do a silicone implant – (evisceration with intrascleral prosthesis).

SpencerWe managed his pressure prophylactically in his sighted eye until last this past May (he is now 10) when his pressures spiked, he went blind and his other eye was removed. Again, we did the evisceration with intrascleral prosthesis.

The first procedure was routine. This time around he developed complications and we struggled with a potential infection or inflammation. As of yesterday, his second “eye” is doing well. His tear production is low but as his eye continues to heal that will hopefully take care of itself.


I know that the prothesis is mainly for the humans but I also feel that dogs do sense people’s reaction to them. I don’t think there is a right or wrong choice. I think you know your dog best. Do be aware that there is additional care and healing time associated with the evisceration with intrascleral prosthesis.

Spencer has been blind for almost 2 months now and is getting along fairly well. Now that he is pain free I think the learning process will go better. After needing care 24/7 for the past month and him being newly blind I find it hard to leave him at home. I had also rescued another dog, Keno in February in addition to the two dogs I had, Spencer and Sam. Three dogs are a handful. One newly blind and one who has issues, is to say the least an adventure daily.Spencer and his friends

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  1. That’s exactly right Roxanne – there is no right or wrong choice. You just have to go with what feels right for you and your dog.

  2. Hello,
    My name is Jennifer. I am fostering a blind cocker spaniel I’ve named Bejamin Button for a rescue group. He was brought in to animal control as a stray or lost dog that no one claimed. Due to his being blind he was going to be euthanized. I brought him home and we love him dearly. He has been seen by the veterinarian opthamologist and his blindness is permanent due to glaucoma and lens luxation. He is having surgery to remove both his eyes next week and I’m scared for him. It was determined that he’s been totally blind for a while now and that he will be fine. The specialist is so very kind and he says its his patients “people” who struggle the most when they find out their pets will never see again. Is this causing me more stress then little Benjamin? I’m just upset I guess because even though I know he can’t see, maybe in the back of my mind seeing his eyes makes me think he can still see some light or images and his eyes being permanently removed is forcing me to actually realize and see he has no sight and never will.

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