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Smiley RileyRiley is a 10-yr-old golden retriever mix that was recently diagnosed with Cushing’s disease, diabetes, pancreatitis, keacidosis (sp?), and a heart murmur.

After nearly two weeks on meds (which made her feel better), she literally lost her vision to cataracts in about 24 hours. I am hoping that once we get her physical condition stabilized, she will be a candidate for eye surgery.

Anyone face this situation before? I’m heartbroken for her but she seems to be adjusting much better than I am!

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  1. My 20 lb spaniel/terrier, 10+ year old rescue dog texted positive for Cushing’s one year ago. She had been diagnosed with SARDS and a couple years before that. Two things have made *MAJOR* improvements in her health. 1) I switched to a fresh food diet. and 2) I started giving her Adrenal Harmony Gold for Dog’s with Cushing’s. Switching her food alone eliminated her excessive drinking and pottying and caused her ALP to drop from 628 to 255 (almost back to a normal range). The Adrenal Harmony Gold gave me back my normal, happy dog – I swear by it. It is expensive – $44 a bottle, I buy two at a time to get a discount and it’s a drop in the bucket compared to thousands in testing that I spent to diagnose her. Plus, it has made a huge difference in my dog – I noticed a major difference in her demeanor the next morning after giving it to her the evening before. I originally switched to a refrigerated dog food from Petsmart. My vet thought that food had a lot of water content and was subject to spoilage, which makes sense to me, so I now cook her a low fat, high protein diet every 2-3 weeks, freeze most of it. There were no Cushing’s dog food recipes so I created my own based on my own research. It consists of 9 items, turkey, spinach, eggs, sweet potatoes, plain yogurt, peas, oatmeal, a chopped apple and olive oil, organic whenever possible. She gets about 3/4 cup twice a day and I drop the Adrenal Harmony Gold on it. She’s always had a strong appetite and she loves it. All of her symptoms are gone – she likes to take walks again, has regained her leg strength that she lost, is at a normal weight – she is happy and healthy again and I’m convinced has many years to go. I have no affiliation with the company that makes the Adrenal Harmony but I urge you to try it if your pet has Cushing’s – it has hundreds of excellent reviews which is what persuaded me. None of the many vets recommended this protocol to me – I found it through hours of research on the internet. They had recommended Melatonin and then Vetoryl, both of which I tried and they made her feel immediately and notably worse.

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