Silicone Implant vs No Silicone Implant

My precious Vander was diagnosed with glaucoma and subsequent right eye blindness last weekend. We are having a a lot of difficulty keeping pressure down in the eye. He fights and fights when we attempt to put drops in, so we decided to have the eye removed next week after conferring with our eye specialist. We want him to remain comfortable and we wish to focus our attention on the good eye and getting drops into it.

Vander had an autoimmune disorder that killed his platelets. He almost died last year from internal bleeding. In light of this, I am concerned about getting the silicone implant after the removal. I’m concerned his body will recognize it as foreign and his immune system will attack his body again.

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  1. I didn’t want to put something artificial in. I think it’s really about making us feel better. The second eye will likely go in the next 3 years.

  2. Thank You for your reply!

    So, your pup had the eye removal with lids sutured closed with no “place holder” as I call it? May I ask what the appearance of the area looks like?

    This is agonizing for us….rough past week of little sleep and lots of tears. I am very overwhelmed and appreciate your input.

  3. Our little papillon had to have both her eyes removed. We did not have the implants. We did not want to risk possible complications. We do not regret it at all. She is happy and beautiful with no eyes. She plays she is independent and an inspiration to us every day! We understand the pain and tears you feel when you make the difficult decision. But when you can no longer control the pressure. It is best. The dog does not feel sorry for itself like people do. They move on! Our pup is proof of their resilience! She has no eyes at all! When we go for walks she leads the way! She looks just fine with no eyes. At first it is hard to get through your grief. And it is not pretty right after surgery. But that heals quickly. You will never stop wishing your baby didn’t have to go through this. But having a happy healthy fur baby even without eyes is a good thing. Hang in there you will get through it. Prayers for your pups speedy recovery!

    1. Thank you for these words. I am in the agonizing process of trying to hold off from having our dogs second eye enucleation. He lost his sight with progressive glaucoma secondary to uveitis four months ago, and having s difficult time controlling pressure with medication. When they removed his right eye last month we discovered that he has an autoimmune disease which explains why his numerous medications can’t keep the pressure controlled. For the past day, his pressure in his right eye has been climbing but he seems playful and comfortable still. I’m hoping to find a quick cure because I don’t want him to not have two eyes. These words are comforting.

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