Sadie girl

Hello, my sister and I have a small Chihuahua that is about two years old. She got out my sisters dad’s backyard with our other dog. He came back and she didn’t we searched everywhere for her and finally through facebook a rescue group got in touch with us and told us that our sweet Sadie girl had some kind of trauma nobody is sure what happened but here eye was almost popping out.

The vet tried to save it and he couldn’t so they had to remove the eye. We have both been taking it so hard. When you have a baby like that it is like your actual baby and my heart breaks everytime i see her. We just got her back yesterday and she’s been sleeping but when she does get up and around she is having a hard time adjusting she runs into things on the side her eye is gone.

Does this get easier for them? It just hurts and everytime I see her I cry. I just want this to be an easy process for her!!

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  1. It will definitely get easier for her. She has just been operated on so she is going through the pain of that, but once that has passed (and assuming the operation was a success) you will have your old dog back.

    They cope extremely well with only one eye. It just takes a little bit of time but you will notice the improvement pretty quickly.

  2. It most definitely gets easier. Our Siberian Husky had one eye removed due to Glaucoma. I was traumatized when he was diagnosed and a basket case when we had to make the decision to have his eye removed. It was a little rocky the first week. After a week I could see our old Kodie’s personality coming back. It has been 1 1/2 years now since it was removed. He is he normal self. I forget he only has one eye. Even when I look at him most of the time I don’t even notice. Hang in there. You will see her personality coming back very soon.

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