Rosie continued

Rosie-1-week-outWe’re back to let you know how our experience is going. Rosie had her surgery on February 1st at our local vet – they are fabulous! I was torn between crying and throwing up when I dropped her off but in the end I did neither.

My husband and I picked her up that afternoon after 4pm and she was still pretty dopey from the anesthesia and really didn’t look that bad. Dr. Knigge told us what to expect and that she would be “rockin and rollin” in a week. We needed to protect the stitches from her and the puppy that we have.

Within 48 hours Rosie was feeling pretty darned good. By 96 hours she was barking and bossing and reclaiming her Queen status. Today is a week and I checked with our vet to make sure she could run and play – sure enough he said she could do whatever she is up to doing.

BFF-Rosie-and-NutmegHer stitches will be in for an extended period as they are dissolving stitches but her hair will grow back quickly and no one will notice. She looks pretty good today!
In the last few days she has already memorized her path to both doors and can make it up the stairs – not down yet. She got to play with a stuffed animal for the first time since surgery and she immediately shook it “to death”.

Post-OpRosie is back and being blind isn’t going to slow her down. It seems so scarey to go thru this but at this point I’m here to say that it wasn’t all that bad.

Paula’s story about Lucy helped so much and I hope to shed a little positive light as well. Dogs are magnificent creatures!

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