Rockos Journey

Just last week I had noticed that my two and a half year old Great Danes eye had turned grey, I immediately called my vet and she came to look at him.

Rocko is deathly afraid of Veterinary Clinics so we had found a women to come to our house and look at him, she told us we needed to take him to a ophthalmologist two hours away because he was most likely blind in one eye and they could probably save his eye, if not they would remove it.

My partner and I took him to the ophthalmologist the next day (we had to physically carry our 140lb dog into the clinic because he was terrified) and after running several tests they diagnosed him with Glaucoma.

We are getting his left eye removed this week, and the Glaucoma is already starting in his other eye and we were told we will have to remove the right eye as well. I was heart broken, my 2 year old, 140lb, not so smart dog was going to be blind in a matter of months, then I turned to the internet and did some research. I was happy to hear all the successful stories and am prepared to help my dog in anyway I possibly can, and I am hoping this site will help.

We also have another dog named Boomer that we got from a shelter a few months before we got Rocko, the ophthalmologist told us that having another dog can be extremely helpful. Many people have asked me, “are you going to put him down?” and that thought hasn’t even crossed my mind. One girl said, “if it was my dog I would just put him down.” I replied, “Clearly you do not love your dog as much as I love mine.” I hope that Rocko’s story will be a positive one, and will continue to update everyone as we move forward.

2 thoughts on “Rockos Journey

  1. I admire you since we truly love our dogs. Chase has had both eyes removed and doing so well. We have another dog and this helps him as well. He is able to go out on his own and no problems getting around our home. Chase is 10 years old and has several more excellent years ahead. You dog will do well.

  2. Rocko appreciates you carriying him to the vet, my dog Lucy has surgery this thursday. I am nervous but also i know we are doing the right thing. I would never put my dog down because she has a bad eye or blind what is wrong people sad. We just try to make them as comfortable and learn as much as we can. People look at me like it is such a burden with eye drops and she has a few other issues. She has brought me so much joy i will do what i can for her as long as she is not suffering she is worth saving. You guys are doing the right thing!! Hugs!

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