Pipa’s Story: Cod Liver Oil and Glaucoma

My sweet dog Pipa is a 12 year old feisty Jack Russel. About a month or so ago I came home from shopping and found him to be a bit disoriented as if he could not walk straight and when I bent down to greet him he cried when I touched his face. I put my bags down and sat with him, he was shaking and very lethargic.Little did I know he had pressure in his eyes and more than likely had a migraine so I rushed him to the vet.

Terrible ordeal for Pipa(he does NOT like going to the vet) lots of tests, lots of money and off I am back home with drops.I know absolutely nothing about cataracts or glaucoma in dogs.So……started surfing the net, got a bunch of info, and found this sight.

There’s a lot out there concerning eye health,miracle cures etc.. It was very confusing and I was desperate. Pipa’s pressure was down but for how long?

Anyway, after researching one thing after another knowing that he would eventually have to have his eyes removed due to the awful pain the pressure would cause I decided to try “something” that might help. I read some really positive information on the use of fermented cod liver oil and eye health. I have been using it now for about a month and he is doing great. Now when I say great I mean no pain upon touching his eyes he runs around playing with his toys although he has a hard time finding them.

I am very watchful for any indication of pain as dogs can hide it well and I plan on taking him back to the vet to check for pressure. I dont know if his pressure will remain normal but like I said its worth a try and I thought I would share this in case someone else might be interested in an alternative to this very heartbreaking and frustrating disease.

If you go to ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/pmc3340802 (International Journal of Ophthalmology) you can read more about it. I will keep you posted on how Pipa is doing.

4 thoughts on “Pipa’s Story: Cod Liver Oil and Glaucoma

  1. I am giving it to him internally.I started reading about fermented cod liver oil on the Weston A.Price foundation web sight, there is always so much controversy about anything alternative it can get very confusing.My main concern was the dosage but after reading about it on the web sight Im good to go.I know this isn’t something that just disappears but cod liver oil has so many wonderful health benefits it cant hurt.So I am still watching ever so carefully for any signs of pain due to pressure I will keep you updated.

  2. How much cod liver oil do you give Pipa? I have a Boston Terrier (20 pounds) who has already lost all vision in one eye and still suffers from pressure spikes in the other. I want to do everything I can for her. Thanks!

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