Our “Kate”

We found Kate in a shelter in Santa Fe, NM. We walked around the corner she looked at us and tilted her head to the side and that was it. We found out she was a purebred Border Collie, but she had a funny way of walking, almost like she had a bent frame…..so the breeder didn’t want her. We adopted her, brought her home after her surgery.

We then lived on 160 acres in pristine forest land in NM where she ran free with her buddy a black lab 4 years older than her. She chased every animal in the forest. Learned to become a very trusted companion in the forest. She would warn us of bears that were to close for comfort etc.

We then moved back to the suburbs where she has 3 acres to run on with her buddy. Last week we had to put her buddy “Chief” down. It was heart wrenching. Kate was diagnosed with diabetes on Thanksgiving Day. We have since adjusted to the insulin and shots fairly well. I noticed that she ran into the door, and that she couldn’t see her treat to take out of my hand. My husband and I were devastated thinking we were going to have to lose her as well.

She has started to adjust fairly well, we noticed we have an automatic gate that closes and she didn’t see or was confused…..and stepped outside of the gate and it shut her out of the yard. We then knew she really couldn’t see. However this was just after Chief was no longer with her. Now we take her with us almost always. She has adjusted well except she seems nervous and almost afraid. She is getting better but she has just begun this journey I hope she will calm down.

We cannot fathom the idea that she wouldn’t be with us especially so soon after Chief’s leaving. So good to hear that there is a life after blindness! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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