Oscar’s journey

OscarOscar is a dog who came to us as a foster and will be sticking around for good 🙂 We are adopting him this week. He is blind in both eyes due to infection that was neglected, he is underweight and he was abandoned.

He now has 3 rescue cat siblings and he’s fitting in great. He learned his way around our house really quickly and he’s such a different dog than when we first met. He plays, he jumps (although he sometimes misses!), he’s learned how to go for walks on a leash, he loves treats and belly rubs.

He had to have his left eye removed a little over two weeks ago so that was another adjustment. Before that he had to have 13 teeth pulled due to infection. This boy is a real trooper. He came through both surgeries so well and is feeling better than ever!

I’ll link the images we have taken in progression- the first was when he still had the blood-filled eye, the second is the day of his surgery (about 3 hours after when I was taking him home), the next two were the few days after surgery, and the 5th picture was taken yesterday! He’s all healed up, stitches are out, and his fur is already growing back in that they had to shave.






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