Oscar my wonderful pug

OscarOscar is my terrific loving pug. He is seven years old and has recently (6 days ago) become blind.

Here is his story.

Two years ago Oscar had an accident and lost his eye. He had to have it removed for health sake. On Saturday I came home and saw Oscars other eye was protruding and badly damaged. I rushed him to the emergency vet and they said he was now blind..a small chance of regaining his sight.

His eye is now healing yet no sight..no pupil dilation. So now I’m in the position of coming to terms that Oscar will be blind forever. It breaks my heart but I’m trying to be strong. He seems to do well outside, I have not leashed him because he has always be free. We live in a very safe area with large fields and I’m trying to have him follow me in the same path daily..he’s becoming happy outside.

Inside though he is shaky and scared. My kids and husband and I have all been taking shifts to be with Oscar so he’s never left, mainly because I want his eye to heal before I let him “out on his own” so to speak. He is still wearing a cone to allow his eye to heal.

So I’ve read of using scents, I don’t really get that. I though of putting different bell sounds on each of my other dogs ( I have 3 others).. Is this a good idea? Also is it a good idea for me to have a sound with me when I walk outside..so he can follow. He HATES the leash, and I really want to avoid that when we take our daily walks, which he has always adored. He never runs, he is quiet and kind of slow so I’m not so I’m not concerned with him rum in off. The other dogs also seem to be keeping him safe. Obviously I know he needs a harness and leach when not in our field. Also how about water. I have to bring it to him and am afraid he might be thirsty some time when I’m not here. And how about stairs?? Can blind dogs learn to climb up and down. Sorry for so many questions, I just want him to have the best life he can have. I’m so terribly sad about this, but am trying to be strong..any help is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Thanks for submitting your story Wendy. It’s very much appreciated and helps others in the same boat to see what sorts of questions others have.

    In terms of the scents, they are used to give your dog an idea of where things are. For example, you might place them around a dog door, so when your dog smells the scent he/she knows that they are near the dog door and get can out easily.

    You can definitely put bells on your dog’s collars. This can help your dog know where the others are. And you can also put one on yourself when you take him for a walk. You might want to place it around your ankle using a hair tie so that each time you take a step it jingles and your dog knows where you are.

    As for the water, don’t bring it to him. That is just a habit that he is getting into. Your dog will find his water because he has to find the water. So place the water down in the regular spot it has always been and while he is near you, splash your hands in the water a bit so he can hear the water sounds. Then walk away. You can so it again in another hour and again walk away. Do this a few times more but NEVER move that water bowl. Believe me, he is going to find that water bowl when he gets thirsty enough.

    Blind dogs can pretty much do anything that a sighted dog can do so yes, he will be able to go up and down stairs. Did he go up and down the stairs when he was sighted? If yes, he will go up and down the stairs now that he is blind.

    The best thing you can do for Oscar is ignore him. I know that sounds harsh but if you just leave him to it, he will find his way a lot better than if you are constantly helping him to get around.

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