Oscar, my baby

OscarOscar is 6 years old, and from Australia; although we bought him in Singapore when he was 3 months old. He has an older brother, Max who is a Golden Retriever. Both boys and their family now live in the UK.

Oscar has always been an active dog but over the last 6 months has started to bump into things on occasion, but it wasn’t until July that we really noticed something. His eyes have started to go cloudy now also. After trips to the vets and being referred to the Animal Charity Trust, we now have the diagnosis of Progressive retinal atrophy.

He has already got night blindness and we need to turn on all the lights, especially near the stairs but we aren’t sure how much else he can see. I want to prepare him for what’s coming and train him where needed so that he can enjoy life as much as possible.

The vet has said that there’s nothing we can do, as his retina is dying and an operation won’t help. She has however recommended a vitamin called Ocuglo. Has anyone else used this?

As this is a new diagnosis, I feel very emotional and so sad for Oscar. I would love talk to anyone who has a dog with PRA also.

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  1. Wow, Oscar is well travelled for a dog.

    I’ve never heard of Ocuglo so went and Googled it so I’ve added the link here: http://www.ocuglo.com. I like it when a vet will recommend alternative medicines.

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