One Sad Boston Terrier

SoxI have a Boston Terrier named Soxs. She is 9 yrs old but started noticing cloudiness in her eyes when she was 3yrs. I am the kind of person to read up on anything to do with Boston’s. I learned that she had Juvenile Cataracts which should of been bred out of her line.

She loves to play and frisbee is her favorite game. We started seeing her not catching it or seeing where it would land. We took her to have surgery on her eyes and found out she could only have one eye done.

In 2009 we had the surgery and she was like a new dog! Her whole attitude changed she looked happy. It helped her for almost a year. The other eye is bad with a cataract and the one that had surgery has gone 95% blind.


I just had her to the vet yesterday and she now has glaucoma in the surgery eye. I feel so sad for her and you tell she is getting depressed.

I added bells to her frisbee so that helps a little and today we went for a walk and she walked off the curb 3 times. I will do anything to make her life enjoyable and so it is now a new world for her and me..




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  1. The depression may not be so much the fact that she is losing her sight but because of the pain she is experiencing. Glaucoma is more painful in dogs than it is in humans and it can be like having a migraine 24/7. If she is in a lot of pain she will show signs of lethargy and depression. She won’t want to play as much and will basically mope.

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